Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy Birthday to You

It is wife Norma's birthday next week - the 23rd. Yesterday, a large parcel was delivered and being addressed to her it was clear that it was one of her presents.

Norma has a past history of not being able to resist opening such items when they get here rather than on the appropriate day. Her usual excuse is "Doesn't say 'Do Not Open until'" but I decided to step in and act. I took and hid the parcel

Now, my present is a very swish four day break away in the depths of the Yorkshire Dales. It is Self-catering so we can come and go when and how and as we wish rather than suffer the tyranny of a hotel. I did not want to have to pack the large box so chose to open it in secret to check if there were any more efficient way to transport the actual contents.

The image to the right above is what I found. I knew it was from my gifted daughter but even so I was gob-smacked! It is a compartmented wooden box about 15" square. The images are from the Family History File. The little flowers are paper and the beading is glass. Even to my famously critical eye, it is faultless. I can imagine this being the star present of all time. It will be touted around all the Quilters and the Embroiderers Guilds. Maybe visits to the local version of the WI will be resurrected so as to further swell the chest with pride at having produced a daughter who has such talent.

It has gone into the large box and been re-sealed. This blog is embargoed not to be published until 23rd March and has to be done now as we may not have full wi etc. in our house.

So, Caroline - thank you so very very much. Even getting the spin-off from Norma's pride and pleasure will be very gratifying. She will be over the moon and rightly so.

Post-script This was set to auto-publish on 23rd soe that Norma did not have opportunity to read it. However, Caroline has given her OK for the box to be opened so this escapes in advance. Again, thanks love xxxxx

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