Friday, 19 March 2010

It's the election stupid

I don't suppose we will ever get the real answer to the allegations in the media today that the union involved in the BA strike - and much else besides - has been laundering money given as Government grants into Labour party funds. This situation has obviously been known of for a long time but has only now broken through into general public knowledge.

The leaking of supposedly confidential
matters seems to be a feature of the lead-up to an election. William Hague was caught after insisting that he was only told earlier this year that Ashcroft was a non-dom, and therefore not paying full UK tax on all his earnings but supposedly confidential papers were released suggesting otherwise.

That leaking is seen as fair game came from snatched photographs of papers carried by Mandy. Though, with my suspicions of him, he may well have done this to stir up further trouble.

I cannot see why we - the electorate - are not treated as responsible beings and told of these matters as they arise. I am left with a very strong feeling that there is much more happening under cover of unnecessary secrecy. This could well be to our detriment.

Freedom of Information was lauded as a marvellous idea but we have seen that it is possible to deny access for many reasons so it is really Some Freedom of Some Information. And that is not right. Morally or politically.

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