Saturday, 22 October 2005

Marriage - defined

I read most things Julie Burchill writes with a strange fascination. It is almost as if I know that I should not but I cannot resist. Bit like the News of the World all those years ago with reports on paedophile Scout masters or reporters visiting prostitutes who always ‘made excuses and left’ as the knickers came off. Today, she is commenting on the Beckham’s marriage. That bit I’ll ignore – I care not if they have a genuine marriage or just present themselves as some marketing duo. What I do like today is her comment on what constitutes marriage. She says:
I don’t agree with the uptight, curtain-twitching theory that marriage is a sacred chalice and a public concern, and I say that as a Christian and a socialist. In my view, it’s about: (a) finding someone you don’t feel completely cross with at the prospect of having to turn down sex with other people for; and (b) finding a refuge from the demands of public life — that’s why it’s called a private life. I can see that definition as incredibly apt. Anything else one might include in Wiki-marriage is really contained in her 38 word Delphic Oracle.

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