Monday, 19 December 2005

Dirty digits

Have just broken off from my reading of all the blogs I keep up with.
Much jubilation on the US in Iraq ones about the latest round of voting - how democratic, how civilised, what great hopes for the future.
Looking at the situation we have here, I cannot see what the deal is. We had an election, one in a series of them going back many years. The clowns who got in had - I'm told - the support of just 1.2 in every 10 registered to vote. So, that is democracy.
Don't tell me we were at fault for not participating. Democracy, universal suffrage and all that is supposed to keep us so involved and keen that they should have been fighting to get us all in on time at the right place.
Iraq is - possibly - in a worse situation than we are. I say possibly as they still have significant oil on stream and do not have quote Leaders unquote who give away significant sums from those subsidies that have been included in Budget calculations for forthcoming periods. So, what will they get from this marvellous new idea called voting and democracy?
Coca-Cola and McDonalds; I bet you.
Oh - and possibly Satchel-mouth Cherie looking after the rights of working mothers. Big deals all round.

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