Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Law laughs

I see that they now want to mess about with "what is murder?" legislation. Idea is to ease off on what some people get in the way of imprisonment. At present, murder means a life term. Oh dear! that might be a bit much for some people. Nevermind that only the most Silence of the Lambs type killers do much more than half a life anyway before someone lets them out on licence with proven risk they will kill again. The priority should be on the safety of the general public. Yes - great shame if someone kills another but what I want is not compassionate treatment for him but protection for me and mine. Seems one of the new proposals is that if killer did not intend to cause death, it is not murder. Guess what the excuse will be now where Mr. Nasty chops up Miss Live-in Lover and spreads her bits about like manure on rhubarb. "I never meant to kill her".

Had another thought today on my memento mori-sort of thing Ten, nine, eight. The sort of family I have are quite likely to want a knees-up. They will say, "Sod him - he's dead, Lets have a funeral" If that be the case, all I will really insist on is that comedian Bernard Manning does my eulogy.

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