Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Waal - lookie here

Hollywood's got a new film coming out, Brokeback Mountain, about two cowboys who spend a magical summer up on the mountain and learn a lot about life, love and all that stuff. They have some kind of bonding experience, or maybe overcome some kind of problem. As a result the world and their wife is going mad about this flick. The movie doesn't seem to be about making money — although, doubtless, all that wind could translate into millions — but more about getting some new concept out there in time for the Oscar competitions. Though it's about gay cowboys, many Christian groups claim they won't protest or boycott the movie. That does not, of course, mean they will form lines to pay and go see it. How will such a story go down (no pun intended) in George Bush's "God speaks to me" America?
Somewhere I had the idea that same-sex couplings were not unknown in early cowboy communities. Certainly, the movies seem to show that the whores with hearts of gold did not come out West (no pun intended) until after the railways arrived. The other idea - which I find quite funny - was about the way that cowboy was coined. Seems that a considerable number of the pioneering sons of the saddle were black - hence boy. Any calumny I have foisted on the guys with wide-brimmed hats - please excuse; it's just I like these two facts/theories

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