Saturday, 14 January 2006

Love - where art thou?

Here's a woman who is having troubles in her life.
It does seem sad that something one would think to be so easy creates this sort of situation. I merely wonder - is she just a lone voice calling in the darkness (darkness? maybe that's the problem?) or one of that monsterous Regiment of Women who is just a bit more forthright than her sisters?
I'm sure that no one is born good at sex. It is a learned science rather than a natural craft. Just as in wider life, some schools are better than others. The blogger in question is well able to express herself in the written word so has the vocabulary needed to have a face to face discussion with her partner. Even if she is unable to say exactly what will turn her on, she could surely make it clear that she is a female human being and not just some accessory you screw on the bed. Whilst the male needs are much simpler and far easier attained, no man is so pig-headed that he would reject suggestions as to how something so simple and easy could be extended with just a little effort on his part. One thing I do forecast - if she just lays there and thinks of England, nothing will improve.
I suppose I should comment on her site rather than preach away here. I think my input would be a little harsh. Say what you like about my driving, say what you like about my dress sense but do not ever dare to comment on my sex life is a adage that is best observed.

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