Sunday, 8 January 2006


I think there is much to be said for meditation. The little bit of cloth that was lifted for me at my Buddhist retreat was into the world of Zen and they are big on meditation. The position one adopts, the posture when in that position, working on control of breathing, tingling bells to start and finish - all have their place. They say that meditation can be undertaken seated (the position one most sees depicted), lying down or walking. I would not recommend walking meditation along Oxford Street. We all started off with a 30 minute target. I did all the procedures and got - nothing. However, after a while, 'something' came. I found it relaxing even though it is something I had to work at to achieve. If I've had a bad night, I do little session before I get out of bed and it seems to help relieve the concern as to why sleep was banished. It is not an easy gig but, from my experience, it can be done and it benefited me.

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