Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Bloody indeed

I have been asked to spread the word about the next in a series of books about The Troubled Years in Northern Ireland.

Ken Wharton, author of a 'Long Long War; Voices from the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98' and 'Bullets Bombs and Cups of Tea; Further Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland' and 'Bloody Belfast; An Oral History of the British Army's War Against the IRA' is now writing his 4th book.

Entitled '1972' it deals with the worst year of the troubles and is again - as an ex-squaddie it could only be so - an oral account of the troubles from the perspective of the British soldier. It will be pro-squaddie and will again seek to bring awareness of our role in NI to the public view. If you have any accounts of 1972 or know of anyone who toured in that year, please contact Ken at ken _wharton @hotmail.com

Anonymity is offered if you prefer not to have your name published.

Civvie mates share a few experiences; Squaddie mates share a lifetime of experiences no civvie could ever dream of.

There are bits of me in the latest book and I can confirm that Ken is meticulous in checking his sources. His books are a realistic mix of reference and history written in an easy to assimilate manner. As one reviewer says
"Ken's books have ensured that the near 40 years of sacrifice,duty and humour that supported generations of British Soldiers will never be forgotten. This was our lives - and for many, still is, every day. Ken has allowed our voices to be heard;and our Fallen friends to be remembered as they should be. Thanks, mate"

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