Sunday, 6 June 2010

Depression revisited

I seem to have something that has driven me to YouTube stuff. This lady also came to me via Spotify (no - I am not on commission!) at the same time as Karen Elson. I listened and remembered the song but what I got from her rendition was sadness. And recognition. I heard the sirens call of depression.

The wonders of t'Net led me to a page telling more of her life. It is not pretty. "Ricky Martin, Cher), then hitting rock bottom & being diagnosed with depression, Myers is finally making an admirable comeback as an indie artist who with the help of the internet's Social Media Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is using her music & public image as a platform for spreading information and raising awareness about a cause and pressingly urgent issue that is close to home for the singer: Depression." I suppose her LGBT connection is ironic (is that the word I want?) in light of my penultimate post earlier today. Mind you, she is not short of events that must have formed the adult in her.
- Beyond the success Myers is now enjoying on the road back up on the charts, it is really the behind the scene story that merits a closer look at – her numerous personal as well as professional victories have undeniably positioned her as a powerful creative voice to be reckoned with:
- She was abandoned by her mother at age four who dropped her off at an orphanage.
- Her father wanting her to have a better life requested that she lived in a Caucasian foster home. Unfortunately for Billie she suffered through seven years of emotional abuse until her stepmother took her back to live with her and Billie’s real father.
- Battled all her life against racism as well as reverse discrimination constantly being rejected for being the product of mixed race (coming from an English mother and Jamaican father).
- Shot to international fame then brutally fell into anonymity. Hit rock-bottom financially, professionally and personally – had it all and lost it all!
- Nearly on the brink of suicide, bravely survived the harrowing web of depression;
- And now comes back to the music scene successfully battling against the Goliath of corporate record label moguls.
A true success story, Myers is undeniably emerging as one of the most inspirational music heroines and humanitarian of our times!

The most dangerous constituent of depression is the concept that ones life is over. There is no escape or help in this world - maybe another one would be better? Well, that does not have to be the bogey man in the dark corner of our mind any more. This is aimed at all the depressives who may read me. If you are not depressive - pass it on to someone who is. There are a hell of us around and maybe, just maybe, this could help.

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