Monday, 7 June 2010

His name not associated with Respect

There is a considerable amount of news in The News. Not much that is good and quite a bit that saddens, concerns and worries. Fitting well into this category is
"George Galloway, speaking to a crowd of around 20,000 protesting outside the Israeli embassy in London, revealed the latest plan to bring about the end of the siege on Gaza. Two simultaneous convoys – one by land the other by sea – will set forth on SUNDAY 12 SEPTEMBER bound for Gaza. Viva Palestina, the International Committee to break the Siege on Gaza and any allies who will join us will organize the two convoys.
The land convoy will leave from London and travel across Europe to Turkey, Syria and ultimately through the Rafah Gate into Gaza. Cooperation will be offered and sought with all relevant governments and agencies. It is expected the convoy will pick up vehicles and volunteers in each country through which it passes. The target is to enter Gaza with 500 vehicles.
The sea convoy will travel around the Mediterranean gathering ships, cargo, volunteers from each country. The target is to enter Gaza with 60 ships.
The aim will be to arrive on Gaza's frontiers at the same time. And to enter with the world's largest ever aid convoys. And to thereby render the siege null and void."
I hope the inclusion of 'target' and 'aim' are merely slips and not a signal of the agenda and intentions of the convoys. Convoy itself can be an emotive word when viewed in the context of '39-'45?
Galloway has a bit of a chequered history when it comes to good works. He reacts quite fiercely to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. He does seem to have the facility for his works to appear a little bit at the edge. Then there was the oil benefits he may have gained when he was able to pronounce the word indefatigability in praise of a mass-murdering tyrant. He had a chance to fly his flag in politics but did not do enough to convince the electorate to nominate him as other than third rate. He has taken on the role as Relief Admiral and it will be interesting to see just what controversy will follow in the wake of his fleet of little ships; will he meet his Water loo or do a Done kirk?

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