Sunday, 6 June 2010

Would you want yor daughter to ....

Much twittering in the dove kots and fashionable quarters of Radio 4 about the saga of the Greencoat Boy pub which barred the Labour LGBT group from a planned evening of admiring tattoos, butch tashes and general oohing and aahing after a meeting. This, of course, was quite illegal and will be a re-run of the Two Boys I A Bed thing about the bed and breakfast.
Just reading so far, my thoughts about the general practice of same-sex sodomy may be plain. Not as prejudicial as they may appear prima-facie. I realise that there are people who are wired that way and there is no 3rd Reich solution to that. My past profession brought me into contact with many, who at that time and place risked criminal records and detention where their lives would have been very hard to bear. I do not have a prejudice. All I have is a wish - is desire a stronger word than wish? - that they stay away from me and mine. I practice a form of reverse apartheid and it works.
Reverse apartheid is where I accept that I cannot keep a certain class or type of personality away from me. The law forbids it. So, I aim to keep myself away from them.
There are gay bars all over the world. They were established to meet a need and I am sure they get their share of the Pink Pound. As Rick said, "Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world ..." the Gay community is now demanding that they can - in my mind - intrude into a retreat I would like to think of as mine. There is, obviously, no way to escape them. If I choose not to sleep with a woman who smells of chip fat, that is quite OK. At least, last time I had occasion to check; my local chippy is run by very matronly women.
And, anyway, how did we get into this state of affairs? I have absolutely no recollection of any such recognition getting into any manifesto. What debate was there in the House of Horrors at Westminster? It seems it was some crap that crept in from that powerhouse of action that is the UN. To me, the fact that "As of December 2008, homosexuality is illegal in 77 countries and punishable by death in seven" is not an over-powering mandate for change. Are we all to become civicus-UNamicous? All jolly types together in a mish mosh of race and beliefs? Dream on. I think I have a human right to be able to cut myself off from some part of the world and live a semblance of peace and quiet whilst sipping on a gin and tonic, lots of ice, no lemon. We do not know how many closet-inhabitants voted for the introduction of the claimed human rights-based legislation but it seems that there was no one who cared enough about my human rights ideas and beliefs.
The LGBT community now face far more prejudice that they used to have. I remember the good old days.

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