Thursday, 26 August 2010

Not suitable for the human race?

This is a gruesome video as are the photographs which follow. However, there can be few of us who have seen real mob violence and need to see this before I go into rant mode
That is what happened to two young people attacked by a mob who thought they were thieves. When the first video was made available, large numbers congregated to protest. And these are scenes from that protestation.andCan anyone distinguish any difference between the people in the video and those at the protest?

Yes - we here in Britain can match that sort of intensity. I was often sardonically amused at my presence on a street in UK where I was trying to keep Protestant Christians away from Roman Catholic Christians. If they got amongst each other, there would have been deaths. The Protestant Shankill had it's butchers just as the Catholic Ardoyne had its assassins.

Politicians meet and exchange pleasantries and promises as to the future. But, just how can we rely on any of these when our understandings rely upon a Nation that includes people such as we see here? Anyone who falls foul of them risks being torn limb from limb. Those who offend us are merely sent out into world free to make vast sums in finagling, public speeches and the writing of their autobiographies.

As and when we decide we can leave Afghanistan, much will rely upon Pakistan. We have heard the nice voices and read the undertakings but can we rely upon these from a populace so steeped in the past as the video and photographs illustrate?

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