Tuesday, 29 November 2005

Sno joke

This is the sort of scene I suppose the weather forecasters were thinking of. It is, of course, by my old mate Pieter Brueghel the Elder so that puts it back in the 16th century. Just as well - I think the guys coming off the hill have been hunting with dogs. Difficult to see at this size but the real paintings are fascinating for the detail that is crammed in. I used to stand well back at the start and walk in closer quite slowly. Things one missed at three paces away jumped into detail at two steps off. Both the Brueghels had this talent - some of the interiors will keep you amused for hours.
Funny thing was when we lived in Antwerp. I used to get invited to a number of the dinner parties the civilian staff held for each and every Saint's Day or whenever they could get together for a feed, serious drinking and dance marathon. At the end of some evenings I used to look around at the dead and dying and it always reminded me of these two guys.

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