Saturday, 3 December 2005

Jobs not over till the paperworks done.

This comes from a police officer and details the paperwork needed in the event of an arrest.
Oh but this is just the beginning of the process. You forget the:
Search of offender
Booking in of property/evidence
Completion of Incident Report Book
Fingerprints & DNA
Add to Crime System
Add to Intelligence system
Add to Missing/vulnerable persons database
Police National Computer Check of Offender
Police National Computer Update of Offender details
Case File Including:

  • MG1 - Front Page
  • MG4 - Copy of charge sheet
  • MG4A - Conditional Bail
  • MG5 - Case Summary for overworked CPS Prosecutor
  • MG6 - Confidential Info
  • MG6B - Disclosure of Officers past history i.e. convictions
  • MG6C - Disclosure of unused material i.e. unused notes or cctv
  • MG6D - sensitive Info
  • MG6E - The signed certification that nothing will undermine the CPS's case
  • MG7 - Remand in custody application
  • MG10 - Witness non-availability calendar
  • MG11 - All evidence in statement form
  • MG12 - Exhibit list
Prosecutors PNC Printout
Copy of Custody Record
Copy of Incident Report
Update Custody Record
and more....
Some of these are really a folder of documents. Ane we wonder why we see so few bobbies on the streets..................

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