Sunday, 20 November 2005

Weather watch

Another fine, dry day. Big blue skys all around with just a bit of cloud coming in for the morning and evening sun rise and set displays.
Only small cloud on my horizon with all this is that it looks to me to be the sort of conditions that comes ahead of a lot of snow. The good looking ladies of the weather forecast offices seem to think the same so my aching knee agrees with the computers.
I like snow - don't get me wrong. Only problem is that it will disrupt Madam Pointy Nose's trips to exercise areas and we will have to cope with an ADD dog inside the house. She revealed a new trick yesterday after catching a really big cock pheasant. Once I had done all the 'good dog' stuff she set about it again and had it plucked as neat as a whistle inside five minutes. Course, we then had to run off as the wind-blown feathers revealed our position and I thought she might have nicked the bird from under the noses of the beaters. Might get a few quid hiring her out for the festive season. Oven ready birds from sky to table in 10 minutes!

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