Saturday, 26 November 2005

Winter drawers on

This is what we have NOT had but I thought it might invoke the curse of the snow gods. What should have been nice crisp snow has come down in abundance but as heavy, freezing, driving rain.
Flooding all over the place. I was worrying about the road salt under the car but no problem with that after today's rain. We used to have a petrol Citroen and the engine died under damp if a dog so much as peed within half a mile so I was dubious about the car we now have. No problem at all - she just sailed on through.
I upgraded my mobile this week; part of my Christmas present to me. It is a NEC 343i - matches my iPod dontcherknow! Thing is, it has a zillion and one settings that can be personalized. All described in detail in little tiny print and a great strain on eyes and mind. It is very thin - just like two slices of Ryvita and I think I'm going to like it when I get it all set up. I think back to the old carphones marketed by GPO that were the size of half a jerrican and weighed about six pounds. We'll soon get them down in size so that they can double as the rings on a belly button piercing.
Read a report today that thongs (for women) are now 'just so last year dahling'. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. If - the Lord forbid - I get to my late 90s, I can go onto Sky and relate the impact they had. With photographs of today or so.
Amused today watching a TV clip about rugby to be played today. They had some of the really big boys on show. Looking at the potential players, every one of them must have a body weight vs. height sort of figure that would make them on the far side of obese. No chance of any serious medical procedure for them then?

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