Wednesday, 23 November 2005

What knoweth a man who knows only......

For some reason today, I found myself wondering how many Americans had passports. This came from reading postings from that country on an obscure forum. These, in the main, displayed a very sad lack of knowledge of what goes on outside their own little world of McDonalds County. I had some granite chip in my brain that was bleeping with a figure of 30%. Never mind, I'll save any dispute as someone has already done a fairly convincing analysis. Well, 20%. That's not a lot is it? The point is made that they do not need passports to go into Mexico, I cannot say how many this covers but I do not consider Mexico to be a mind-broadening destination. My 30% was also relevant it seems as that is about the figure for members of Congress who have never been out of the country (except, maybe, Mexico).
Now, this is scary. America has a tremendous influence in this world. Good or evil is immaterial, just possession is sufficient. They seek to involve themselves - mainly with good intentions - in the lives of a large proportion of the people on the earth's surface. They have the idea that theirs is the ideal way of life without too much knowledge of how things are arranged elsewhere.
Methinks they would be better occupied in putting their foot on foreign soil rather than in their mouth.

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