Saturday, 31 December 2005

End of 2005

Just to add a bit of balance to all those 'ooh' and 'aar' photographs that we have seen during the year, here is another view that one will see. Like a background screen for someone advertising coats or trousers that will be good down to minus 30 degrees.
I think that we - the John Wood family - have had a pretty steady year. Some things I wish had never happened but luckily none of those were within my direct control or came about because of some failure or stupidity of mine. My main source of pride is that we've been here for a little while only but even in that time we have become more and more certain we did the right thing. Like all of my decisions made quickly and with little research, it seems to have saved itself.

All that is left is to finish off the cleaning and dusting and to start on the mood-inducing activities.

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