Wednesday, 28 December 2005

End of a giant

So, there you go as they say. Much criticism was thrown his way – mainly about the commercialism of cricket. At the time, I though that he – allied to our man Grieg with the funny accent – were doing great things. Still think the same – mostly.
While there had been many false alarms in recent years, the 68-year-old Mr Packer knew the end was near when he became ill on Christmas Day.
"There is only so much medication and so many transplants and so he accepted no aid," said the radio host Alan Jones, a friend who visited the Packer family yesterday. "He then knew, I think his words were, 'This is my time."'
Mr Packer, on heavy pain relief, chose to stay at home rather than be taken to hospital. He died about 10.40pm on Boxing Day surrounded by his family. His death was precipitated by poor blood supply to the transplanted kidney he received in a life-saving operation five years ago. There were multiple causes for his death, the main being kidney failure.
Mr Packer was Australia's richest man, with an estimated wealth of $7 billion.
Just shows, money ain’t everything. Except – I bet his last hours were easier than the last hours of some down and out. Don’t begrudge him that though.

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