Sunday, 25 December 2005

Not all soft and cuddly

Whilst much of the stuff going into the ether at this time of year is like a home-knitted dildo, there are still those who dish out opinions that are at varience with the opinions, wishes and intentions of the many. One that I like and enjoy is here.
I've mentioned before my opinion that getting a spotlight onto things that have a residual tabboo is a good thing. See the (earlier) Little Britain items. I say earlier as it seems now to have gone into that 3rd-series limbo where it is no longer fresh and funny but formulaiac and boring. Thus, I think what the girl with the one track mind is doing is good. Nothing can be fairly examined and discussed all the while it is at the back of the cupboard - or should that be closet?
Oh yes - the subject matter. Not that I feel I have to justify my likes and dislikes but just out of interest - my link to the girl with etc. came as a link from a 'respectable' police officer - albeit he is with the Met!

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