Sunday, 6 November 2005


This comes from an American blog. I'm not going to include any link for reasons that will come clear.
I am writing to let you know that my father has been diagnosed this week with cancer in his lungs. It appears to be in an advanced stage. We don’t know for sure what kind it is because we have decided not to pursue all of the tests necessary for a definitive diagnoses, but the lung specialist has called it a probable bronchial alveolar lesion. In addition there are enlarged lymph nodes in his abdomen of unknown etiology which may be cancer also. Dad has returned from the hospital to the nursing unit of the R.P. Home. He is resting easily and does not appear to be in much distress from the lung lesion. He does continue to have severe pain in his lower back from spinal stenosis. He accepts this news with a calm and sure faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He does not see that he has any more work to do for the Lord now, and is ready to go to his fathers. He believes that resurrection beats death every time. Dad and Mother's address is:
This guy is going down the route that I would try and follow if this came to my door. Whilst I'm of no known religion, it is clear that some belief can be very sustaining. I would have to rely on the strength of my main adage "shit happens".

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