Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Trouble in Paradise

The other person besides me that reads these blogs will know that I have little respect for the individual currently performing the task of UK Prime Minister. He is now an embarrassment to his party, the whole idea of democratic government and this country. His drive to get things done would be commendable if they were carried out in an ethical manner. I get the impression that he is not now working on initiatives that will benefit any real problem but is looking for self-aggrandisement. His association with America has inspired him to create some Tony Bliar library such as happens there. It will contain his electrifying correspondence with the great and the good, detail all his good works and generally elevate him to the status of ...............Disneyland. More like Dolly Parton's Dollyland. A theme park.
I have no real objection to his wish to leave a impressive memorial. It is just that it would be so false - like a movie studio backdrop of the Grand Canyon in Ealing High Street. Anything that might superficially be seen as good works was bought at great cost. The Good Friday agreement on Northern Ireland? Give the Nationalists what they want and promise them more. Throw the odd bone to the Loyalists. National Health? Where is the improvement one would expect from the immense trainloads of money thrown at it. Social justice and equality? Look around you. Education times 3? This is really some scheme for cutting down umemployment amongst those who would have left school to try and join a job market for which they are totally unqualified. I am sure that his failure to set the date for his departure is because he wants it to coincide with some pseudo-triumph on his part. Go out to a roll of drums.
It cannot be soon enough for my part.
Who would replace him? Who should replace him? What policies (i.e. false promises as to the future) should they propose?
I don't know. I don't care. The proposals will be weasel-worded away.
Just damned well go and get off our backs.

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