Thursday, 5 January 2006

Amazon packing

Never let it be said that Amazon takes risks with consignments. We ordered the two small pots - about 6" diameter and 4" high. They came in a box that would have held a decent sized p.c. And not just the one box either. Le Creuset had packed them with air bags and shredded paper. Amazon put that in a cardboard box with further bags. The two boxes then went into the large delivery unit with - yes, that's right - air bags. We already have sufficient packing for next year's Christmas presents. And what is it they are shipping? Two sturdy little bowls. Sturdy because the Le Creuset stuff we have is mostly that given to us almost 50 years ago. That has been around the world wrapped in paper and does not have even a chip. Fragile? Handle with care? Bah - French humbug.

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