Monday, 2 January 2006

Choose your hospital? I'd rather have a choice of goverment

That damned fool Skippy Hewitt has played another blinder. To punish us for beating her side at cricket, she has introduced another disaster-in-the-making.
Seems that patients are to be given a choice of four hospitals for non-urgent surgical treatment. This is all part of some NuLabour touchy-feely initiative together with oh joy!, yet more chances to play about with things they are fascinated by but do not understand.
What are my objections? How will I focus on the hospital I want? What are my priorities - is it that I wish to avoid them killing me with MRSA? Where will I find statistics I can comprehend. Don't want somewhere where their wish is to seize upon my organs and display them in little bottles for the next 100 years? Will my relatives be able to get to see me (as if they dare!) without some horrific 7 hour journey on a train that goes via the Great Wall of China? Exactly what is it that a layman can establish that makes one place better than another - past history is of little value as excellence seems so transitionery. Where will we find the doctors we do not have for medical work to do the advice and counselling thing.
Of course, my real worry here is that my local hospital at Borders General which has served me well will be fully occupied by refugees from that charnel-house which is Medway Maritime. Someone will say, "Where do you wish to go?". I shall reply "BGH" What next do I hear? "Sorry. Computer says no. Would you like to go to Medway Maritime?"
Quite a few links today - sorry but I wanted to give some support to my wild allegations.

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