Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Don't know how many - or, even if any, service or former service people read this but you could be in at the start of a brave new world. There is a Army forum where military matters are discussed. Right now the hot topic is the establishment of a Military Federation. This cannot be a Trade Union as such. The idea of the Army going on strike is something outside the comprehension of the vast majority of the civilian population and all of those who have served.
Unfortunately, the style of non-Government we have where our elected representatives are routinely misinformed (I'm being nice here - I am very tempted to use the words lied to) leads to much injustice. We hear much of the cost of our defence resources but hardly ever get any reasons. Cost over-runs, changes, inefficiency and just plain stupid thinking get lost in ministerial paper mountains and smart-arsed Press conferences. We recently went into a situation where the politicians were talking tough about Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is now clear that the decision to use armed force was well in place long in advance of the sabre rattling. However, the Men at The Ministry and our self-serving politicos insisted that the Army should do nothing or buy nothing which suggested war was on the cards. Soldiers died purely because of this duplicity.
So. Go. Read. Contribute even - they may be rough speaking Tommy Atkins prototypes but they welcome all.
Just one thing though - ARRSE can be addictive. There is a lot there that is not for the faint-hearted who may never have heard or imagine just what does go on in the soldiers' mind and world.

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