Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Alice through the keyhole

The gubmint seems always to be seeking ways to spend yet more money it does not have to deal in a manner we do not want regarding problems that do not exist. They now seek to produce a database covering every teenager in the land. The claim is that it will assist in parenting as well as protecting vulnerable children.
Given that B'Liar's eldest son had to be dragged off the streets when drunker than a tick, allied to the open secret that he had to use his spinners to cover details of his daughter's suicide attempt, one can see his - and the wide mouth frog's - interest in the matter. But, why force everyone to be covered? It is not as if the existing agencies are a shining light where it comes to protecting kids at risk. As recently as 2004 they brought in a Childrens' Act which was supposed to cover everything the new database aims to fix.

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