Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Gotcha! (or maybe not?)

Another tool towards crime detection. Your Fingerprints Taken At Roadside. Seems OK to me but does sort of assume that driving a car is inherently criminal. So far as I know, neither my or my wife's fingerprints are on record anywhere. There is not likely to be any record of my son's or daughter's prints or those of their partners. Just a quick and casual inquiry amongst some ten or so friends gave the same result. So, about 20 or so for whom a roadside check would be ineffective. If my prints are not on file, slightly more incentive to give false address.
So, money spent. Police effort and time used in checking for positive findings. Low level of positive results. Guess what next happens?
Additional pressure for the prompt introduction of ID Cards with everyone having prints on file. One way or another, democracy is slightly circumvented. I happen to be in favour of ID cards but would prefer that their introduction be achieved with less secret police methods.

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