Monday, 20 November 2006

Still makes me smile

For quite some while now my favourite music has been country. I find that some of the lyrics get me thinking very deeply. It is not all "the cows gone dry, my horse is lame, the dog bit the turkey and my wife's got PMT" stuff. Whilst there are many sayings that have found their way into my memory, I still remember the very first song that got me hooked. Johnny Cash sang it best but there are a number of versions.

"Well, don't call my name out your window I'm leavin', I won't ever turn my head

Don't send your kinfolks to give me no talkin' I'll be gone like I said.

You'd say the same old things that you've been saying all along

Lay there in bed and keep your mouth shut till I'm gone

Don't give me that old familiar cussin', moanin', groan

Understand your man

Tidy your bad mouth and understand your man

You can give my other suits to the Salvation Army

And anything else I leave behind

I ain't takin' nothin' that'll slow down my travelin'

While I'm untanglin' my mind.

I ain't gonna repeat what I've said anymore

While I'm breathing air that ain't been breathed before

I'll be as gone as a wild goose in winter

Then you'll understand your man

You hear me talkin' honey, understand your man.

Remember what I tell you

understand your man...

It is the bit about suits and Salvation Army. Just so damned carefree. Footloose. Never came up but had I ever decided to cut and run, this would be the phrase running through my head. Mind you, there is a lot of Kris Kristofferson that says things I would have loved to have said too.

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