Friday, 24 November 2006

Here we go again

I think we are getting near to saturation point with inventive defences from police officers who are charged with criminal offences or whose official conduct comes under scrutiny. Men shot whilst "armed" with table legs, Brazilians shot at Tube stations, Muslims arrested for terrorism whilst surrounded by almost two hundred officers ... the list goes on.

The latest - latest as far as we know that is; what else might be bubbling under, concerns a constable prosecuted for speeding in a town centre. He registered on a speed detector situated just short of a Chinese take-away shop. Seems he had ordered a take away to celebrate his brithday with his friends. His claim was that he had heard of an incident and decided to join in the action. His keen attitude was such that he chose not to lose any time by reporting his decision to play without any invite. Instead of getting onto the quickest route, he wound his way through busy inner-city streets. But, God was good to this paragon constable - the chase was called off. Just when he was yards short of his take-away. Where he was 25 minutes late in picking up his sweet and sour. Seems that the Judge took away this defence and accepted it.

I know the police in general do a rotten job - albeit one they volunteer for. They deserve sympathy when forced into situations the ordinary citizen will ever see even in a nightmare. But this molly coddlying in letting them go free will never improve public perception that there is one law for them and another quite different one for an officer of the law.

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Flying take-away; here I come

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