Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Beats me

The degree of sado-masochism that exists today seems far higher than when I was poking my nose around bedroom doors of the aristocracy. We had a more stern test; no one could give consent to any activity that would have been unlawful if consent were lacking. Not only was a bit of beating somewhat unusual - if it came to court it was dealt with as if almost amounting to a case involving State secrecy. I know of a case where a most senior officer was involved with troopers of the Horse Guards - you know, the tall and slim men with the very high fitting riding boots. He liked to be whipped until blood flowed by these naked men in boots. All that happened was he 'left' the service and the lads suffered a drop in income. Just imagine what would have hit the headlines in these Mosley days!

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How to beat the law

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