Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Oh - if only I had that power

I dropped into a group I used to post to. Just to see what was happening and with no intention of getting involved. It seems that it has imploded. Postings almost nil except for a dazed few wanderers like survivors of a nuclear bombing. Even more weird is that I and one other seem to have attracted the blame for its demise.

I just wish that I had that ability to kill things off with a few words. Think of all the good I could do as a member of the NuLabour group, an MP at Westminster, Edinburgh or in Brussels. That is without the side-shows such as PETA, the Vegetarian Society and the RAC.

They are all safe. I think that an uncontrolled tsunami of comments is what is needed to exercise any sort of influence and, as I said when I retreated to my old friend here, this is almost a state secret when it comes to comments. I have had one or two. I moderate them; generally they get past unless it is evident it is just someone running off at the mouth without having had the decency to follow the argument - links and all.

Having been described as insensitive in posting on autism - a problem I had/maybe still have, one my son is on the edge of and one my grandson is diagnosed as - I have a low threshold of acceptance for spur of the moment commentators. Here I remove the comments - there I removed the posts.

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