Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Discretion and valour hand in hand

The cat has escaped the bag in the matter of a deal made with an element of the Iraqi enemies at the time of the British withdrawal from Basra. 
I see it as a very sensible piece of work. The move from the posts in the town center to the airfield was sure to have been very bloody and certainly costly in lives. Both our lives and those of our assailants. Despite their being the enemy and the sometimes cowardly manner of fighting, they are human beings. "Some mother's son" as my own mother would have put it.
It was not as if we surrendered anything. Just a temporary accommodation acceptable to both sides for one specific event and with a commendable purpose. That it has now caused dissent amongst the coalition is regrettable. They were not faced with the situation so their disapproval has limited effect. To me anyway. I am sure that are many mothers who are glad their sons walked away from pointless death - on that day anyway. We do not need to act as if we are Spartans to demonstrate valour.

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We may be part of a coalition. It does not need to be a coalition of fools.

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