Tuesday, 27 January 2009


There seems to be a mass of discussion about the fate of the infamous concentration camp complex erected with the sole purpose of disposing of human beings. Over a million of them.

I remember the wave of horror that went through the free world when reports of these places appeared on our cinema screens. There was no convention then of sparing viewers distressing scenes. Bulldozers were used to shovel piled up bodies into mass graves. The 'living' were also shown in great detail. In some camps - mostly those opened up by Americans - the locals were ordered to attend and see what had gone on in these barbed wire enclosures where trains had run in crowded with humans and out empty. I was twelve years old.

What went on then is truly history. Ancient history. Publicising them and preserving them has served it's purpose. Who now needs convincing of the inhumanity that can spring from a human mind? Those who deny the Holocaust will not change their opinions and they have no influence on me anyway. 

Let them wither away say I. Indeed, level them to the ground and plant a forest of trees. Over a million of them.

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