Monday, 26 January 2009

Sara Payne

The murder of little Sarah Payne was an event that had a great effect upon me at the time. The photograph of a very pretty child was everywhere and the inquiry attracted great attention. However, what really got to me were her parents Sara and Michael. They presented what I thought of as faces of bravery. No mawkish sentimentality; dignity shone through their loss. The broke up some while later but Sara continued to press for changes in the law.

Now she has been appointed Victims Champion. This is a Government post which sees her representing all victims of crime, giving them a voice at a national level. Mrs Payne, who campaigned for a "Sarah's Law" to reveal information on where paedophiles live, said she would challenge "whatever needs to be challenged" in her discussions with ministers.

She said: "Over the last eight years I have been asking for victims to have a louder voice, and for the Government to listen more closely to what they have to say. I am proud I will now be their champion, and welcome my appointment to this very important role. I look forward to bringing the voice of victims and witnesses to the heart of Government."

I hope she gets the support and results she deserves. There can be no better memorial for that lovely little child.

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