Sunday, 25 January 2009

The way things are

Polly is not a favourite of mine. I certainly would not want her on my shoulder declaring how pretty she is. Sometimes, she does a good report and analysis and deserves my support there. So it is when she looks at an AGM. The fat cats are identified; named but not, one suspects, shamed. For my money; and thanks goodness none of it is involved, her comment on the bonus arrangements and the lack lustre attitude of shareholders explains just why we are where we are. If the owners and directors of an enterprise are allowed to reign untrammelled they will act in their own interest. That is where the financial controls let us - the great unwashed - down. The fat cats were observed by others with fat feline characteristics and standards.
I never really studied the Russian Revolution but it is something akin that we need to change systems in this country. Not a move towards Communism (surely now seen by all as a failed concept) but adopting a root and branch survey and change in the way things were run by those who, even if they did not end up with their hands in the till, certainly had the keys to the cash box.

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