Sunday, 25 January 2009

The War on Terror

When put through the currently fashionable process of initialisation, we get TWOT. Not so far away from the street cred name for the primary female sexual characteristic. When one reads about police concerns at music gigs, it seems appropriate. The costs of such procedures - financial and in terms of police/public relationships - must be immense. To me, it demonstrates the way in which counter-terrorism is handled. We spend large amounts of time and money on arcane measures to prevent something that has a minute possibility of occuring. I cannot now recall the actual term for such conduct - the law of diminshing return is the nearest I can get. Something like the cost of preventing theft from motor vehicles being £1 million per year but the total loss from such offences is less than half a million. Conclusion? Do away with the publicity etc. campaign and give the losers full compensation. Saving of £500K.
The other aspect is possibly not so apparent. If it is thought that a certain class or genre of music leads to problems, it means that the followers of that style are deemed more likely than others to be disruptive. Prejudice anyone?

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