Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Bang, crash, wallop!

There are just a very very few sometimes when I realise that there are some downsides to living where we are now. Every so often I read a review of something that is happing in London and find myself wishing I could just nip out and go see it.
This applies especially to shows such as Stomp - the percussion performers. They have a tremendous creative ability; not just in the way they make musical sounds from whatever is to hand but the performance they craft around that sound and item. Quite often their extremely athletic dancing is enough. I first saw them about 12 years ago and, when in London, used to get to them every time they came. I was lucky enough in that most of my trips caught up with the main group led by Luke, the guy who started it. When a guest on corporate hostility visits, I got to visit the crew backstage a couple of times. At first sight, not the sort of people you might want to meet on some street on a dark night. However, they were great fun.

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