Saturday, 2 August 2008

War on drugs

We are doing about as well in the war on drugs as we are in the other wars we have running. I got involved in a large-scale drug awareness programme in the Army back in 1968 and came to the conclusion that it would be one hell of a fight. At that time, one of the questions most often raised from our audiences involved drugs such as alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. If we tolerated these - where the health risk was pretty well known - why were we against recreational drugs. Some such as cannabis even had a place in pain relief. 

My response was that had we known about the drug aspect of these substances at the time they were discovered, we would have banned them. I do not think this had much influence. The video makes these same points. This is part 1 but there are links to the rest of the debate. I cannot see a great benefit from decriminalising; there is just so much profit from trading in drugs.

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