Saturday, 2 August 2008

Friday Night is Chav Night

This is a painting by American artist George Bellow.

So, if he is American, how does he know exactly what goes on in some of our less-attractive areas?

On the same topic, I was getting petrol the other day and the pump on the other side of my island was being used by a Belgian-registered Austin Healey BN6. In immaculate nick and exactly as I remember the breed. Nearby, waiting, was a Belgian E-type Jaguar. The one with the bonnet made up entirely of louvres. I complimented the Healey driver on his car as a thing of beauty. I mentioned that he was OK at this end of Britain but the further South he went the more likely it was that his car would zoom off on the back of a slide and tilt one dark night. He laughed and said that they had entered via Newcastle for their Highlands visit for that very reason and because the very best roads to enjoy the car were up here. Just a tot seins and he was away with the full orchestra deployed.

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