Monday, 28 July 2008

Land of hope and glory?

So, these could be your neighbours if you lived on a sink estate. What is a sink estate - are we even allowed to use the term or is it like chav?

Where is this haven for chubbies?  It is Moorside Road Dewsbury, the road where "kidnapped" Shannon Matthews lived. Some of the neighbours are pictured above celebrating Shannon's return. We surmise one or two of them might be suitable candidates for our moral duty. The residents of Moorside Road have some serious issues: high crime, poor education, high unemployment/incapacity/lone parent welfare dependency, and family dysfunction. Looking at the picture, I'm guessing life expectancy is also low. The left's response is more welfare and more government support. But in truth, money is not the issue. The average household income is getting on for £30 grand pa, and is within 20% of the national average. The issue is the people, and how they choose to live their lives. And the 60 years of welfare state which has clearly failed them so badly (cf Glasgow East). So what is our real moral duty? It's surely to help them takeresponsibility for themselves. And for Moorside Road, that means above all else, increasing the financial incentive to work, and cutting the financial incentive to doss around drinking 22p lager and producing stacks of no-hope kids.
The point being, you see, that we should not pay over enormous amounts of money to people who will then exacerbate the problems in their society.

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What the statistics say about this area. And some more background if you want it.

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