Friday, 1 August 2008

Daze out - 2

Nice little sitting out areas abound.
The council greenhouses must rival Kew!

Not at all the sort of image that comes to mind
when one hears mention of a "Scots Pub"

Brightness abounds.

Today should have been another Mystery Tour courtesy the bus company. Ah well not all plans mature. I got ready for a lunchtime take off but then discovered that there is no midday service from here on weekends. Nothing daunted, into the car.
Melrose is very pretty and is kept so. Plenty of eating places to suit all tastes and wallets. Some really old fashioned shops - those with the yellow/orangey tinted plastic hanging inside the windows. Modern little boutiques selling chi chi goods. Alleyways that just call out for exploring. All inhabited by nicely dressed people peaceably going about their business with a smile for others as they pass. I saw not one piece of graffiti.
I had lunch in Marmions Brasserie. Very nice; light and airy.

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