Sunday, 27 July 2008

Time passes slowly

Been a bit old-aged the last couple of days and have just be sitting about doing very little. I think the root is that I am not sleeping too well and this seems to make me think I am not well. I nod off a bit during the day but it does not replace the night sleep. This worries me - am I descending into the 'arm chair becomes divan' state? I should be able to shrug it off; if I think back some few years I was able to work a full 168 hour week without more sleep that gained when being driven from one case to another or whilst waiting for a search-team to get itself together.
The general lack of interest in living spread to lack of interest in writing. I attacked the internet in spasms courtesy of my new wireless link and machinery. When not trying to find the Zeitgeist to comment upon, I wandered off into some of the more remote places where tidying up does not take much priority. One of these was exploring the possibility of a revolution to dispose of the moles' arses that choose to call themselves government. All was proceeding quite well and then someone contributed a speech worthy of St Crispins Day fame. Didn't sign off with his name - just A Soldier. It deserves repeating and remembering please.
Brown and Browne - and Tony.. and a lot more of your corrupt and poisonous party - I wish with all my heart that I was not a part of your Armed Forces, because I utterly despise you, and everything you stand for, and every lie that passes your lips slashes a knife across the oath I swore to Her Majesty. I am, unfortunately, not in a position where I can terminate my service in rebellion - I shall therefore do my job and continue to serve to the best of my ability, but it is because I love my country, I respect my Queen, and I have to do it for my family.

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